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In an attempt to FINALLY wrap up my literature review, I sat down in my living room with stacks of papers I had gone through over 3 times each, and decided it was time to actually start dissecting the information.  I couldn’t help but start to sweat when I stared at the mess of paper I was surrounded by, and decided I needed to figure out a way that I could deal with all of the information.  So, I went to the office, grabbed a pair of scissors, markers, tape, paper clips, glue, and a stapler.  The only way I knew I was going to get through this was visually – thanks to 4 years in art school I only understand things when I’ve got a picture in front of me.  I started cutting, pasting, highlighting, and sorting through about 1,000 pages of research and finished up with scraps of paper that had all the information I was to include in my literature review.  Now all I have to do is critique the data and write it up :-/


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Graduating w/ my masters degree

I got my first conference rejection this past week…an empirical paper I had submitted to the Summer AMA.  As one of the hardest conferences to get accepted into, I didn’t feel incredibly disappointed, but was saddened to have missed out on such a great opportunity.  However, as Neil always says – I need to get used to it.  Apparently the academic world is quite a cruel one, and rejection is a common occurrence.  Not one to ever give up, I will be submitting another paper to the Winter AMA.

One a fantastic note – I’ve been accepted to attend the EMAC Doctoral Colloquium in Copenhagen in June!  I’m greatly looking forward to this as I’ve never been to Denmark, and as I am always welcoming the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with professionals in my industry.  On another exciting note – I will be surrounded by other PhD students dealing with the same struggles I am – inspiration to hopefully ensue!

Lastly, after being told no summer positions were available, I was emailed yesterday asking if I would be interested in teaching Internet Marketing this summer at RIT!  I’m thrilled!  Beyond thrilled!  RIT is my alma mater, as well as the university where I had my first teaching job!  Teaching is the reason I’m putting myself through the pains of getting s PhD, so any opportunity presented is truly a motivation to finish this degree!

That’s it for the updates…I’m home in Rochester while my school has a Spring hiatus, and am finding that work does not stop even on “vacation”!

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