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Proud to be Red

Me and Dad Christmas morning

I’m proud today to not just be an American, but to be a Red American.  After 38 years of Democratic representation, the citizens of Massachusetts have elected a Republican Senator, Scott Brown.  The significance of this occasion is surely a testament to the voice of the American people.  However, the election of a Republican in a Blue state is not the sole importance of this day, after all, we have seen both New Jersey and Virginia elect Republican representatives in equally Democratic states.  Instead, Brown’s victory has secured the Republican’s with their 41st seat in the Senate, taking away the Democrats filibuster-proof majority.  This super majority the Dems had allowed for Obama’s health care plan to sail right through the Senate.

Asked in a debate last week if he was willing to sit in Kennedy’s seat and block health care reform, Brown replied, “With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedys’ seat, and it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.”

As much as I am opposed to Obama’s health care “reform”, today, I am focused on the spirit of the American people, and whether you’re left or right [ 😉 ], you should be proud to be an American today.  Proud because in most countries around the world, something like this would never be possible.


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Social suicide

Feeling like you’ve misrepresented yourself online?  Did that picture of you giving your boss a lap dance at the company holiday party get leaked onto Facebook?  Well, if so, you are not to worry.  In 52 minutes, the Suicide Machine, can erase all evidence that you ever existed…online.  Yes, that’s right, there is a company that will completely erase every tweet, Facebook post, and Myspace photo from the social stratosphere so that you can continue to go on living your life without the burden of Web 2.0.  You may ask, “Couldn’t I just do this myself”?  Well my friends, the Suicide Machine (read with Arnold Schwarzenegger impression) argues that to do this yourself, you’re giving away 9 hours and 35 minutes of your precious time…not that you didn’t just spend 50 hours last week on Facebook stalking everyone you knew since the time you were 6.

Now, if only you could erase that moment of yourself at the holiday party from your boss’ mind.  What will they think of next 😉

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In an effort to support their expanding brand offering in over 100 countries and display a growing commitment to the health care industry , the Bausch and Lomb brand has been reinvented.  While many are probably familiar with their consumer line of products (SoftLens and PureVision), B+L also identifies itself as being present in both the Pharmaceutical, and Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery markets.  As Bausch and Lomb intends to continue expansion and growth of their brand, the hope for their new corporate identity is that it will reflect that continued evolution.

As far as the new logo goes, the first thing I thought was that the transparent overlays were supposed to exhibit poor letter recognition (like in an eye exam) and illude to bad eyesight (to “TAH-DAHH” be fixed by the consumer products of B+L – I kid, I kid).  Apparently, the eye of an amateur WOULD see this, and the intention was for the transparent overlays to represent liquid and vision.

On a final note, Bausch and Lomb was started in my home town – Rochester, NY.  “A breeding ground for the great” as I say…actually, I’ve never said that before in my life 😉  But today, I shall start.

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Today Cisco released the results of a global study conducted by one of my PhD supervisors, Dr. Neil Hair, which was designed to understand how organizations use consumer social networking tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to collaborate and communicate externally.  Based on interviews with 105 participants representing 97 organizations in 20 countries around the world, the study revealed the need for stronger governance and IT involvement within these networks.  Although the adaptation of such tools is still in its infancy, it is essential to define the challenges and implications that result from social network integration within the industry as it may affect the utilization and adoption of new platforms.

Most of all, a big congratulations to all people involved, especially Neil, as I know how devoted he was to this study!  Our field is exponentially growing, and that growth is aided by such contributions as you have just made. Cheers!

More on the study can be found here:  http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/2010/prod_011310.html


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I arrived back into the UK fully energized, ready to get back to work only to be let down by the cancellation of not one, not two, but THREE of my classes this week.  A snowstorm we did not have, yet, a dusting – a dusting of about 1 inch!  I awake to an email that says “….due to the extreme weather conditions…”, this made me giggle knowing that school was never canceled in Rochester for anything less than 1 foot of snow, and even then it was debatable whether or not the kids truly needed to stay home.

While growing up, the arrival of a snow storm left me anticipating the joyous feeling of hearing my mom yell up to us kids in the morning, “school’s canceled”!!!  Upon entering Grad school, I no longer looked forward to school closures, knowing that this simply means I will have to postpone productivity and work from home.  So, here I am, working from home today, hoping that tomorrow does not bring another inch of snow.

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In the same issue that you’ll find Tiger Woods gracing the cover, Vanity Fair has released an article on women, twitter, and “twilebrities”.  Without rehashing the entire article, as I hope that you’ll choose to read the whole piece yourself, Vanity Fair publishes one of the most out-of-touch, ignorant articles I have ever read.  Comparing women on Twitter to that of superficial high school girls.

Vanity Fair – you should be ashamed…and not simply for publishing a disgraceful piece, but for claiming to empower young women, while somehow finding it appropriate to demean the efforts of these ladies.


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Just the necessities, of course 🙂

As my time visiting the states is coming to an end, and as I start packing up needless amounts of clothing and shoes (I’m convinced the weather in England is completely unpredictable), I begin to dread the travel experiences I’m sure to have in the next few months as I start flying back and forth from England to the U.S again.  Now, on a regular basis, I would rate my international travel experiences an average of 6/10 – chugging the bottle of water I mistakenly packed just so I can go spend $4 on another once I pass security, walking barefoot on surfaces I wouldn’t let my dog sleep on, shoving all my 3 oz bottles of liquid into a sandwich bag so its clear to security that I don’t plan on creating a bomb with my chapstick, lotion, and toothpaste.  As much of a burden as all of these things are, I truly don’t mind as long as my safety is the reason for such inconveniences.

After all of these precautions we are asked to endure, one would think, and certainly hope, that some “crazy” with a chem lab in his basement wouldn’t be able to try and blow up a plane.  Of course, we know this to not be true.  And, because of the events on Christmas day, it is undeniable that when I fly back into the states from London next month, that 6 out of 10 international travel rating is going to plummet to a mere 2 or 3.

Anyways, hopefully I will have nothing but positive things to report on after my travels in the upcoming months.  However, should I be jailed in airport prison for failing to hand over that bottle of la mere creme that weighs in just barely over 3oz (because, of course, that extra .2 oz means its a bomb), there may be some problems.

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